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We will deliver these fine towels anywhere in North America.

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Fishshape Towels – wonderful for all fishing trips, fishing tournaments, etc. They are also useful in the kitchen, bathroom, a great promotional item for restaurants, bars, gift shops or any business wanting to highlight a fishing "lifestyle" connection.

Inventor Yvonne DeLeon has designed these hand-made towels (Utility Patent #6108855), using only the finest quality fabrics in brilliant colors since 2002. They have been featured items in stores from the Keys throughout central Florida.

There are two (2) towel styles - fish & dolphin. All towels are created using multi-color beach towel material & design. Choices will be made by referencing a "dominant" color scheme. Towel received may not match photo representation exactly.

$6.99 each (incl. a clip for hanging); S/H is extra.

Florida residents pay 7% tax.

Towels are approximately 9"x16" in size (11 oz.)

Many previous shapes & designs available at:

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